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In compliance with Article 10 Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y Comercio Electrónico (LSSICE), in Spanish), identification data of the company are as follows:

Trade name: Automecánica Almanzora

Legal name: Automecánica Almanzora, S.L.

VAT number: B04466645

Postal address: Ctra. Aljarilla, 35, 04610 - Cuevas de Almanzora (Almería)

Phone number: 950456043

Email address:

Fax number: 950 458902

Data Protection Officer: Automecánica Almanzora, S.L.

Data Protection email:

Registro Mercántil de Almería, Tomo 820, Folio19, Hoja 22012, Inscripción 1ª

Generally, relations between Automecánica Almanzora, and his clients resulting from the recruitment of products and services in this web are submitted to the Spanish law and jurisdiction.

This website has been created by Automecánica Almanzora with informative character and for professional use.

Access to this website means the knowledge and agreement of the following Terms and Conditions.


Content, commercial activities, products and services included on this website are not created or directed to people who live in jurisdictions where their contents are not authorized.

There are only included on this website webs in the index, and they are On this website, there are only those webs in the index and are provided by

Access to this website is only the users’ responsibility.

Access to this website does not mean any type of commercial relationship between Automecánica Almanzora and the user.

Access and navigation in this website means the agreement and knowledge of the following legal warnings, Terms, and Conditions on use included on the website.


Automecánica Almanzora reserves the right to update, modify or eliminate the information of this website, having the power to limit or not allow the access to this website.

You may not alter, change, modify or adapt the website. However, Automecánica Almanzora reserves the right to make as many changes and modifications as it deems appropriate, and it may make use of such power at any time and without prior notice.

Automecánica Almanzora reserves the right to update at any time general conditions, commercial-related or not, of the website (modifications related to products, prices, promotions and other commercial and service conditions). Those changes and modifications do not affect current contracts between Automecánica Almanzora and its clients, without damage to the modifications that may be agreed by mutual agreement and to cases of an act of nature or force majeure.


Automecánica Almanzora, make all efforts to prevent any content error that could appear on this website. Automecánica Almanzora does not guarantee nor is responsible for the consequences that may come from content errors that could appear on this website, due to third parties.

Article descriptions that appear on are exact and based on the information given by brands and/or product suppliers. All the information included in the ticket for each product and/or its picture has an informative function. For this reason, Automecánica Almanzora declines any responsibility due to the appearance of mistakes on this information. Nevertheless, it commits to involve all available means to correct the problems as soon as possible once it has been informed.

Automecánica Almanzora is not responsible in any way for those contents, commercial activities, products and services included that could be visualized through electronics links, direct or indirect, through this website. Unless otherwise stated, the presence of links on Automecánica Almanzora website is for informative purposes only and it does not mean suggestion, invitations or recommendation of those products. These links do not represent any type of relationship between Automecánica Almanzora and companies that own the website that can be accessed through those links. Automecánica Almanzora reserves the right to remove the links on its website unilaterally and at any time.

Automecánica Almanzora does not take any responsibility for the content on any forum, debate, chat, bulletins or any type of transmissions that are linked to this website and will cooperate, if required by court order or the relevant authorities, in the identification of the persons responsible for those contents that violate the law.

Automecánica Almanzora exclude all responsibility that could be derived from the transmission of information between users. The responsibility of the statements published on this website is exclusive to those who make them. It is forbidden any type of data transmission that users may make to or through this website or other controlled accesses by Automecánica Almanzora, which infringes the property rights of third parties, and whose content is threatened, defamatory or the transmission of any other material that constitutes or incites conduct that would be considered a criminal offence, is prohibited.

Automecánica Almanzora reserves the right to stop or forbid access to any Internet user who put on the website any content contrary to the legal or moral rules. It reserves the right to apply all legal measures that it consider appropriate to avoid this type of behaviours.


Access and navigation on this website mean the agreement and knowledge of legal warnings, conditions, and terms of use included. Automecánica Almanzora make big efforts to ensure that the navigation is carried out in the best conditions and to avoid damage to any kind that may occur during the navigation itself.

This website has been designed to support the browsers more used by Internet users. Automecánica Almanzora is not responsible for damages of whatsoever nature that may be caused to users due to the use of different browsers or versions of them for which the website has been designed.

Automecánica Almanzora is not responsible for and does not guarantee that access to this website is interrupted or error-free provides that such incidences or errors originate from sources other than Automecánica Almanzora.

Automecánica Almanzora is not responsible for damages that may be caused due to misuse of this website.


This website and its contents are protected by copyright law. It may not be used for exploitation, copy, distribution, modification, public communication, cession, or transformation. Access to this website does not give users the right nor ownership to the content copyrights on this website.

The content of this website may be downloaded to the user terminal, provided it is for private use and without commercial purposes. For this reason, the content of this website may not be used for exploitation, copy, distribution, modification, public communication, cession, transformation, or use with public or commercial purposes.

Commercial name, brands, logo, products and services contained on this website are protected by the Spanish law.

Automecánica Almanzora reserves the possibility to take the correspondent legal actions against users who violate or the break the copyrights.


The visit to this website does not mean that the user is forced to provide personal data. If user data may be collected, it will be indicated if such information is voluntary or mandatory. Refusal to provide mandatory data means that the service for which they were requested will not be provided or accessible. Besides, volunteer data may be provided to improve the services given.

If users need to provide their email address to have access to some provided services, they may express their refusal to receive any communication that Automecánica Almanzora could send. Automecánica Almanzora will give users that may be subscribed to any email list on this website, the appropriate mechanisms to unsubscribe from that list.

People whose personal data can be handled may exercise the rights regarding the protection under the terms of the Spanish Organic Law 3/2018 of 5 December on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of Digital Rights (Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos y garantía de los derechos digitales (LOPD-GDD), in Spanish). These rights may be exercised in one of the following ways:

  • In writing, by sending their request, together with the documentation proving their identity, to the following address:

    Automecánica Almanzora

    Personal data protection

    Ctra. Aljarilla, 35, 04610 - Cuevas de Almanzora (Almería)

  • In compliance with Law 56/2007, on Measures to Promote the Information Society (Medidas de Impulso de la Sociedad de la Información, In Spanish) you can also request via email to [email address] by digitally signing your request using the Spanish electronic Identity Document (DNI electrónico, in Spanish), in which case no further accreditation by the applicant is required.

The interested party is informed that the processing of data necessary to process his/her request may include the carrying out of operational communications, by electronic means or not (email, telephone, etc...), which in any case will not require any consideration on his/her part.



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